Many of you parents most likely have kids who have been asking for an Airtrack since many of their friends has one. And after a few weeks of listening to their begging, you might have dicided that you will get them an Airtrack since it's a great way to keep them active outdoor. So for most parents the choices are to get a good quality trampoline like a Berg trampoline or one of the new Airtrack gym mats. For kids with no skills in tumbling, gymnastics etcs. a trampoline would be just as good a choice as an Airtrack, but for those who can do cartwheel, handstand or backflip then they will most likely enjoy the Air track even more. But how do you know which Airtrack to buy? And which is the best mode for tumling, sport, yoga and funl? Let's look more into this topic today.

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Which brand should you buy?

There are many high quality brands when it comes to Airtrack and many not so great brands. Typically you will see that the more expensive it becomes, the better quality it also has. Since this is an industri with a lot of competition you really can't charge a premium price for an Airtrack if it doesn't have the quality to back up the price. So even if you pay twice as much for branded Airtrack compared to the no name one you find at your local mall, you have most likely made a much better deal buying the branded one. Right now my two favorite brands are Airtrack factory and GymPlay. Both comes in super high quality, a great design and has excellent performance. Unless it's just for a 7 year old boy or girl who havent any experience with tumbling or gymnastics, then I would go with a quality brand anytime. You get so much more Airtrack, which means better quality and longer lifespan, better performance and better safety. Also the most important reason for many to get a quality one, is that you can combine it with various accessories like springboards, air barrels and other things to make it even more fun to use. This option isn't available on many of the cheaper models. So you will be missing out on a lot here, of you don't get one that you can expand when you skills increases.

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How big should the Airtrack be?

You can get an Airtrack from 2½ to 10+ meter, so how big should you buy it? A longer track typical means you can combine more jumps and do longer series which is actually more fun. A thicker Air track means more air in it, and thereby higher jump boost when you use it, which is also more fun. So basically I would say get it as long and as thick as you have the room for and can afford within your budget. A little tip could be to buy two 3 meter models, and use a velcro connector (some brands got those) to combine them into a single one. Then you can use a 6 meter track outdoor in your garden, and when it's snowing or raining just use one of them indoor if you can fit 3 meter indoor. Then you can use it all year around instead of just on the sunny days.

Or start out with the 3 meter model and save up for another, then by the time you skills are to good for a 3 meter track, you can expand it with another 3 meter and get another year or two of fun and training.

Using an Airtrack is great training for the body, much better than spending hours indoor in front of the television or computer. If the Airtrack seems to complicated for your kids, at least consider getting them a quality trampoline instead then.